Tenant Credit Redemption or Debt Consolidation: Reduce Your Debt

Once the rent, the credits and the compulsory expenses paid, there is not much left? The credit redemption will reduce your debt ratio and so you will have one credit with only one smaller monthly payment. The repurchase of credit for the tenants is possible if you are up to date in the payment of your rent.

Why make a repurchase of credit for tenant?

Why make a repurchase of credit for tenant?

You have consumer loans and personal loans, and when you apply for credit, you have a refusal. Your debt ratio may be too high?

The credit consolidation will allow you to raise the credits conso and revolving credits in a single loan and a single monthly payment. This purchase will rebalance your budget.

Would you like to become an owner? And your banker sees red when he sees that you have collected consumer loans? With the loan buyback, you will have one loan and your debt will be reduced. Thus, during a mortgage simulation, you will get a home loan much easier to acquire your new home.

Are you worried about your retirement and the resulting decline in income? The purchase of consumer credit will reduce your monthly withdrawals and thus allow you a better day-to-day management.

Do you have a new project or just need to buy a car? A credit redemption simulation will tell you the cash you can add to finalize your project.

What are the maximum durations and amounts for a tenant credit redemption?

What are the maximum durations and amounts for a tenant credit redemption?

The proposed terms are from 3 years to 12 years. The amounts of repurchases of credit for tenants are from 8 000 $ to 100 000 $ (handling fees included).

How to redeem tenant credit?

How to redeem tenant credit?

You want to find the best rate for your credit buyback of course. You must present your last 3 statements of account without incident (rejection of deduction) if possible or then with a maximum of 5 discharges regularized on the last 3 months of account statements.

If you have a delay of rent, your purchase of credit will be refused.

You have a Rental Option Purchase (LOA) on your vehicle and you want to buy it to stop paying the rent of your car. By buying a car loan, you close the LOA and you become the owner of your car.

For tenants (or family-owned) there are solutions to get out of excessive debt. You can now fill out an online credit redemption request. Newpret.com is at your disposal and offers the best for your interest.

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